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NRI NEWS: Dr.Raghbir Singh Bains

World AIDS Day Rally and Seminar

Youth Must Stay Away from Glamour of Illicit Sexing and Drugging. Dr Bains
By Dr Raghbir Singh Bains

Chandigarh, Dec. 05, 2008
Gurmeet Singh

Pathankot-Punjab (India) (Report by Gurmeet Singh Chandigarh): AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is a chronic illness caused by infection with HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). It is a fatal and non curable disease. Anybody can get AIDS from use of even one contaminated needle or one sexual act with a partner who has HIV/AIDS. HIV infection is preventable. Despite growing understanding and awareness, HIV infection is a serious threat to both heterosexual and homosexual teens through sexing and drugging. HIV is transmitted through exchange of certain bodily fluids such as blood, semen, vaginal secretions, and breast milk. To produce an infection, the virus must pass through the skin, blood or mucous membranes into the body. However, HIV-AIDS is not a contagious disease. It is a myth that the disease can be attracted by sharing clothes with the infected, sharing toilet, using common towel, living in the same house or biting by mosquito.

There is an alarming rise in the menace of drugs and HIV-AIDS world over. India is right on the pin target of this deadly disease. It seems as if most people are just burying their heads in sand and have long been silent about HIV/AIDS. Such silence and complacency is dangerous since HIV/AIDS does not respect any religion, cast, colour, creed or culture. Taking all these aspects into consideration, as a step ahead, an awareness rally and seminar was organized by Sri Sai Technical Complex Badhni, Pathankot (Punjab-India) to provide first hand information to the general public, students and staff about the menace of HIV-AIDS epidemic. The huge rally on motorcycles and motorcades was addressed and flagged off by Hon. Minister of Transport Mr. Mohan Lal.

Dr. Raghbir Singh Bains a social activist from Canada, an AIDS researcher and a trained counselor of drug addiction was the key note speaker at the seminar. While speaking at the seminar, Dr Bains said, “Abusive drugs are worst enemy of the society. Licit and illicit drugs are killing people all over the globe. AIDS is a fatal disease and its bomb is ticking over the head of Asian and African countries. Around 45 million patients are suffering from the deadly disease of HIV-AIDS in the world. More than 15,000 patients of AIDS are dying every day and thousands are born with this disease with the ray of morning Sun. Unfortunately, the widows and children of the dead do not get social acceptance in the society anywhere in the world. Their health is not considered important because of the paucity of funds and proper commitment of government agencies towards prevention. Neglected they die in their homes untreated. Because this disease is not curable hence abstention and prevention are the only solutions”.
Dr Bains further said that Drugs and AIDS are brutal monsters that have killed hundreds and thousands of lives in India and abroad. AIDS is a high risk disease and a serious epidemic which is said to have been started from either Africa or America. Its first case was detected during1981 in the world. It was first detected in India from Chennai in 1986. According to estimates India is now home to 30-35 Lacs of people suffering from this disease. Punjab reels under the pressure of 60-70,000 patients in this respect. The disease has now engulfed the world all over. It kills indiscriminately. It is an evil-omened experiment of illicit sexing and contaminated drugging which carries death sentence. Young boys and girls between the ages of 15-24 years are more vulnerable to this killer disease. Especially the youth, commit evils under sway of emotions by using drugs. The epidemic is invisible to them. While developing sexual contacts before marital and extramarital relationship, they are not able to comprehend fully the extent of their exposure to the deadly risk. Unfortunately, the youth are becoming easy prey to the disease which is not curable in the world so far.
Dr Bains urged upon the public, especially young students to ‘say no’ to the peerpressure and to stay away from glamour of drugs, contaminated syringes and illicit sexing. He cautioned that drug abuse or premature or promiscuous sexual activity was serious risk behaviour. Without preventive measures, the disease would kill more staggering people. He motivated the youth to mend high risk behaviour. Dr Bains further suggested the government, socio-religious bodies, teachers, preachers and parents to take immediate steps to raise awareness and educate masses about the deadly evils before anything serious happens. To give visual experience on the globlal epidemic to AIDS, the information was given through multimedia system by using information technology. Answers to the frequently asked questions / myths on Drugs and AIDS were also given.
The initiative by Mr SK Punj Chairman of Sri Sai Technical Institutes Pathankot was aimed at spreading awareness on drugs, ongoing prevention, reducing barriers to early diagnosis of HIV / AIDS infection and increasing access to quality medical service amongst students and general public. Hon. Minister Mohan Lal urged upon the opinion makers of the society to campaign against HIV-AIDS and encourage people at risk to get medically tested. S. Naranjan Singh Dhesi Dean introduced the speakers including Principal Dr Mukesh Mahajan, Olympian Charles Cornelius from Chennai, MD Tripta Punj and SK Sood Dean. Dr. Raghbir Singh Bains haling from Canada was honoured for doing selfless service to the global people.



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