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Canadian NRI woman, Asha Sikka, 60 killed in car accident
when driver to avoid hitting a stray dog

Chandigarh, April 14, 2007
Darshan Malhotra

NRI Asha Sikka, 60, from Canada died in car accident in Chandigarh when her relative Surinder Kumar Malhotra try to avoid hitting a stray dog and car rammed into the roundabout

Last week, Asha Sikka and her husband Varinder Kumar Sikka, 65 arrived in Chandigarh to see their relatives and had planning to go back Canada within ten days.

Asha Sikka was travelling in a car along with her husband and other relatives Surinder Kumar Malhotra, Malhotra’s wife Madhu and mother Santosh. All her relatives got minor injuries and she died in the hospital with multiple injuries.

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