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Toronto husband filed a case of fraud to deport wife who run away after immigration
(under " INADMISSIBLE CLASS" of the Immigration Act, spouse can be deported)

Toronto, Feb. 05, 2007
Sampuran ( Sam ) Singh Benet

It was very kind of you to call me this morning. I appreciate your efforts to helping the NRI's by NRI

As I told you on the phone, we had convinced our Canadian Citizens son to merry in India with a Punjabi Sikh girl. We find a girl by advertisement in " The Daily Ajit " News paper.

We discussed all the aspects in detail with the parents of the girl and also my son had several meetings with this girl who was from Phagwara, Punjab. My son got married on November 30,2003.

My son sponsored this girl immediately after coming back to Canada. She was interviewed in India and was rejected. We filed an appeal and were successfully. She was given Visa and she arrived in Toronto on Dec 14, 2006. Her sister was living in Brampton. Later her parents were also arrived in Canada in 2005 and were living with her widow sister.

She hardly stayed with us & our son 7 days. On January 15,2007 she went to the Local Police Station and lodged a report that "

She does not Love her husband " and she has broken all relations with her husband and she want help to get her belongings.

Since then we did not see her.

I have hired a Lawyer who is very competent in Immigration Law. We have filed a case against her for Fraud to declare the marriage Annuled and to declare her under " INADMISSIBLE CLASS". of the Immigration Act.

With the help of this Solicitor we have found various Court Judgenents similar to my case' i.e.

- Last week a Husband named " Mong Hao Tran " from China, who had left her wife
with in 3 months after getting Landed Status in Canada was held to be " INADMISSIBLE " and ordered Deported.

- On Nov 24,2006 The Federal Court in Ontario granted a Marriage Annulment to Iranian Husband because his wife run away after Landing in Canada. She is also ordered Deported.

- On October , 2004 The Federal court Handed down 4 Months Jail term for Marriage Fraud to a Punjab Bride Name: Karmjeet Jaswal and ordered deported. She had run away immediately after Landing.

- The recent Landmark decision by B.C. Supreme Court- Ordered the husband from Fizi to pay his wife all the costs for marriage, jewellery & damages. and ordered the immigration department to review his file. This is the first kinds of Precedent that injured spouse can sue for damages under common law.

There are so many other judgments on this subject and our people do no know. They only run after the Immigration Department , News Papers & M.P.s who can do nothing.

With your help I want to spread this message to all the injured Canadians to get to-gether and file a Case Law suite together and get all the Culprits deported and pay all kinds of damages they had caused.

Sampuran ( Sam ) Singh Benet
69 Crocker Drive,
Brampton, On Canada L6P 1Z7
Office 905 695-5170 & Mob: 416 666-1912.



I am really shocked and cannot believe this. My parents always tell me that we have a great culture as compare to western culture. I was thinking to marry in India.. way. Thanks God, I did not go through this . How does parents encourage their daughters to desert their husbands after marring in front of Guru Granth Sahib. For immigration purposes, how they ruin some bodies life 2-3-4 years and money. They are animals and even animals may be better. Actually they are sending their daughters in prostitute business.

We may be stupid, if we don't hassle them in the courts and deport them. If Fraud to declare the marriage Annuled and to declare her under " INADMISSIBLE CLASS". of the Immigration Act exist, continue one by one in the court and start sending these culprits back where they belong to stupid land. Once you take to the court, media will explore the issues and law will more enforceable.

From this story, NOW I NEVER go to India and marry there. GOD BLESS INTERENT TECHNOLOGY. Good Luck all Canadians who have sufferered or suffering from this cultural arranged marriage system.

Now I am sending this email to my all my friends, "DO NOT FOLLOW PARENTS TO MARRY IN INDIA".