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Proposed Domestic Violence Bill to Increase or Decrease the Domestic Violence ????????

The Editor

Sub: Proposed Domestic Violence Bill to Increase or Decrease the Domestic Violence????????

Respected Sir,

I had come across to your article regarding the proposed Domestic Violence Bill, where the Verbal abuse and mental Harassment to be punishable to husband and the court will order through out the Husband from the home.

But in reality the verbal abuse and mental harassment, both a wife and husband are equally capable to do the same in case of any Domestic violence, but as per proposed DV Act, the punishments for only to husband, but for wife forget any punishment, there is no provision of any warning to her. As per our observation if we really want to reduce the Domestic Violence in terms of Verbal abuse and Mental cruelty , ¡§ Both husband or wife should be punishable in the same way as both are equally capable to do the same ¡§.

How do you justify this?? What punishment you recommended, if any dishonest girl and their parents misuse this to fulfill their Sowry or any illogical demand??

In the various article, writer¡¦s themselves had accepted that when a girl and their parents put 498a , there is no reconciliation possible , results the break up of the family , and in court the truth is only 2 % case are convicted since 1983 , and 98% case had been made to extortion of money , blackmailing and harassment only and the end results break up of family. So do you feel we should allow this DV Act to be used in the same manner like 498a???

Now if this DV Act comes in effect as it is means , one section of people ( wife ) will get Whole Sale free license for Verbal abuse and mental harassment , results :-

- More brake up of family.
- More crime against Women ( as happened after introduction of 498a , as per your record only )
- More children will brought up under single parenting system .
- More elder parents and pregnant sister will go to jail and will be thrown out of the house by misusing this DV Act.

As the LAW made keeping in mind the rural and village wife , but the same will be misused by well educated , rich and greedy wife in urban and big city Power babe , what is happening in 498a today!

We appreciate and understand your intention to wards improve the Indian Society and as a leading News paper you have greater responsibility to have a better society. Few years back until We faced the reality with the situation and introduce the IPC498a (Non bailable, non compoundable offence) which is worse than TADA or POTA, we never consider the effect of the misuse of the same and how this will spoil the basic foundation of institution of marriage of Indian Society. Seating on fence one will feel the same situation. With all our sincere respect to all of you, we request one of you to go the court, check with lawyer and judge. They will tell the real stats and misuse of act and abuse to age old mothers, sisters (including pregnant), father and husbands.

If you don¡¦t belief please go though at least this three article:-

- WHO Report ¡V Elder abuse by Daughter In LAW is the biggest problem in India.
- US Government Caution warning for marriage in India.
- ZEE TV Andha Kanoo Programe.

In Internet in Goggle Search, please search for 498a , you will find huge no of misuse story by different well known social organization and writers .

Now to kill the left out family and spoil the institution of marriage this Domestic Violence Bill Proposed by a gang of people who are secretly working in the Name of Women well fare.

Regarding DV Act Peco Chakravatru says: "In case of 498a, often it is possible to prove in a black and white way that you are innocent. You can show Cheque books, credit card bills and bank statements. But Domestic violence is very vague to define. If you shout a bit loud, even that can considered as DV. Now, they are saying it will be non-bailable. The bank accounts will be frozen. The Husband would be thrown out of his house and wife can stay (right to matrimonial home). Moreover, Husband has to keep paying maintenance to woman by default even if she does not apply for it."

So our sincere request to review the same immediately, as already 498a ¡V A strong Blood Cancer already there, this DV Act will totally Kill the Institution of Marriage.

Resulting the Crime against women, illegal business, dishonest way to earn the money, blackmailing will reach in world top most level. Whole world will make us fool and will be able to weaken our basis foundation of the Indian Society. They will make fun of our Judiciary and Criminal Cases. Because in India still we fight for our Mother, sister. We can¡¦t tolerate if any one try to abuse and send them to Jail in false case.

So if you really want to save the Institution of Marriage

  • Stop abuse of elders at the name of IPC Criminal LAWS.
  • Stop blind arrests innocents, without any investigation
  • Stop encouraging single parenting and family breakup
  • Strong Legal action against those who implicate innocents or catalyze this abuse.
  • All family maters to be considered as Civil Matter case only as Criminal Case is not a Joke.

With high regards
Swarup Sarkar



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