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Punjab News: 2010
March 3 :

Governor Patil awards Ph. D degree to DGP Pandey


Punjab Governor and Chancellor of Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar Mr. Shivraj Patil conferred Doctorate degree to Mr. A. P Pandey, DGP Vigilance, Punjab State Electricity Board Patiala during the 36th annual convocation of the University at Amritsar.

Year 1974 batch IPS officer Mr Pandey completed his research on the topic "Corruption & Democratic Institutions-An analytical study" in the faculty of department of Arts and Social Sciences (Police Administration) GNDU. He was enrolled for Ph.D research in the year 2003.

Before joining the police force, Mr Pandey did M.Sc Physics from University of Allahabad and passed MA (Police Administration) from GNDU. Decorated with President Police Medal for Gallantry in the year 1985, Mr Pandey was also honoured with President Police Medal for Meritorious Services in the year 1995. Previous to this he distinguishably served as DGP Prisons, ADGP (Administration) and Chief Director-cum-ADGP Vigilance Bureau Punjab also.


The SAD-BJP govt. to lay the foundation stone of 1320 MW Thermal Plant at Rajpura- pomp and show

Sukhpal Singh Khaira

MLA Bholath

  • CHANDIGARH, March 3:

    The pomp and show organised by the SAD-BJP govt. to lay the foundation stone of 1320 MW Thermal Plant at Rajpura is nothing but a political gimmick aimed to divert public attention from failure on all fronts of their govt. The bash saw waste of crores of public exchequer money to mislead people on yet another misadventure of Sukhbir Badal.

    As we are aware SAD-BJP in their election manifesto had promised to make Punjab power surplus within three years i.e. February 2010, Congress party questions Sukhbir Badal whether a single MW of power has been generated in these three years? Is it not cheating the electorate by making false promises in your manifesto, which you have not fulfilled? Now again we are reading full page advertisements in all papers of making Punjab power surplus, by when it is anybody’s guess.

    To refresh public memory, a similar farce of foundation stone was enacted by the govt. in 2008 at Talwandi Sabo of 2000 MW Thermal Plant, not a single brick has been added other than the foundation stone. Lacs of people were collected by misusing official machinery of the state merely to promote the Badal family and satisfy their ego, nothing else has transpired at Talwandi Sabo during the last two years, nor will anything happen in Rajpura.

    The fact of the matter is that thermal power is not much viable anymore keeping in view erratic and high cost of coal transport from far off coal mines, secondly India is now connected all over through National Power Transmission Corporation, therefore if at all we have to set up thermal plants it is advisable to set up at pit heads or where the coal mines are in states like Jharkhand, Chattisgarh etc. It is cheaper to transport electricity than to transport coal.

    If the Akali’s were really serious about making Punjab power surplus why did they oppose the Nuclear Treaty with USA in the parliament led by Dr. Manmohan Singh? Is this not political dichotomy? We all know that nuclear power is cheaper and cleaner source of energy compared to thermal power.

    It is also saddening to note that farmers whose 600 acres of land has been acquired for the Rajpura Thermal Plant at V. Nalash have not been compensated and are protesting at the site of the foundation stone. Further the govt. has virtually damaged the cement flooring of the grain market at Rajpura to put up this govt. sponsored show.

    Congress party urges Sukhbir Badal and his party to first apologize to the people of Punjab for making a false promise about power in their manifesto and now let the people know whether the state govt. has a time bound agenda to improve the poor power situation of the state, people want a concrete date.


International Kabaddi Tournament in April, 2010


With a view to promote traditional games of the Punjab and channalise the energy of youth, the State Government has decided to organize an International Kabaddi Tournament in the first week of April this year.

Presiding over a meeting of Youth Development Board Punjab, Chairman of the Board Mr. Gurpreet Singh Raju Khanna informs that ten teams from all over the World would participate in this tournament. He said that this tournament is being organized on the directions of Deputy Chief Minister Punjab Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal.

He further said that these Kabaddi matches would be organized in different districts of the state to motivate the youth towards rural sports of the state. The prizes to the tune of Rs. 1 crore, 50 lac and Rs. 25 lac would be given for the first, second & third positions respectively.

Mr. Khanna further said that grants would be given to the sports clubs to upgrade the infrastructure of sports.


CII Session calls for “Innovation, Collaboration, Integration” critical for the development of Chandigarh region

Moots for a multi stakeholder high level committee to fast track city’s coordinated growth
Chandigarh’s development is important but equally important is to maintain the unique character of the city : Mr Shivraj Patil



saryu d madra

‘We all envisage making Chandigarh one of the best cities in the world in terms of quality of life, social infrastructure, civic sense, green and clean environment along with world class health care and educational facilities. But it is equally important to maintain the uniqueness of the Chandigarh, for which it is known for, while focusing on the development of the city.’ This was the sentiment expressed by Shivraj V Patil, Governor, Punjab and Administrator, U T Chandigarh while addressing the select gathering at the Session on ‘Chandigarh: New Direction, New Paradigms’ organised alongside the CII Chandigarh Annual Session 2009-10 at CII Northern Region headquarters here today.

Endorsing CII’s vision to make Chandigarh the civic capital of India and focus on connectivity and coordinated development, Patil said, “It is heartening to note that the Government and CII are at the same wavelength and it is possible to translate the plans into action when we work in collaboration.”

Welcoming CII’s proposal to form a high level committee engaging different stakeholders from all three states of Chandigarh, Haryana and Punjab to look into the issues of the tri-city and for its consistent development, he informed the gathering that steps are already being taken to form such a committee.

Underlining the need for a multi-pronged approach and predictive strategy to address the issues confronting the growing Chandigarh, Patil said, “Chandigarh has not been built as the trade centre but as the seat of government. Also being a city state, it has its own character. To catalyze its development, we must synergize our efforts and focus on innovative and inclusive approach, long term as well as short term planning, relevant and appropriate technologies to develop manufacturing base and popularization of renewable energy especially solar energy.”

“These are the critical enablers to ensure the development of integrated Chandigarh while maintaining the city’s original character for others to emulate,” he added.

He said that Administration would respond to anything which was positive and correct for the citizenry of Chandigarh and then move hand in hand to develop not just the city or the state but also the entire nation.

Touching upon the issue of power requirement, he said, “This needs long term planning and we must also look at ways to tap the renewable sources of energy like solar and bio energy.”

Earlier presenting the theme address, Harpal Singh, Chairman, CII Northern Region and Mentor and Chairman Emeritus, Fortis Healthcare Ltd made some radical recommendations to fast track the growth of Chandigarh as an integrated region. Highlighting that Chandigarh cannot grow in isolation, the Chairman reiterated, “The economic sense is rapidly integrating the cities of Panchkula and Mohali and Chandigarh’s satellite towns like Lalru and Dera Bassi.

Chandigarh needs to look after its neighbouring cities and because of its inherent strengths, these cities look up to Chandigarh to foster their development.” Singh further accentuated that a higher degree of coordination amongst the three Governments in framing policies and finalizing projects for the tri-city would really help pace the speed of development. He added that Chandigarh could emerge as an innovation hub, given the strong education institutional base it has. Chandigarh, with its sound educational system and best of civic amenities, has the potential to become ‘The Civic Capital’ of India, submitted Singh.

As per the mandate of the Administrator to CII, to take Renewable Energy to every resident of Chandigarh, Singh proposed to launch a ‘Smart Energy Campaign’ in Chandigarh. CII will promote simple ways of saving energy and using alternative energy, taking it to households, commercial & industrial energy users.

Mr Partap K Aggarwal, Chairman, CII Chandigarh Council, mentioned that Chandigarh is struck at a cross road, with pressure to grow on one side and pull to retain its uniqueness on the other side. He also highlighted the need for better air and rail connectivity. As per the requirements of the growing city, new flights and express trains to major business centers like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Lucknow, Jaipur, etc are sought. The flight timings for the existing flights also need to be rescheduled to facilitate business activity. He also mentioned that CII would take forward the ‘Wah! Chandigarh’ initiative, launched last year, to cull out common themes and aspiration of citizens of Chandigarh.

Proposing the vote of thanks, Nitin Peshawaria, Vice Chairman, CII Chandigarh Council reiterated CII’s commitment to work in collaboration with Administration to catalyse Chandigarh’s integrated growth in the areas of knowledge, education and social infrastructure.

The session got a huge response and was attended by over 200 delegates comprising industry, institutions and academia.







The Punjab Chief Minister Mr. Parkash Singh Badal said here today that Punjabis would not only start getting uninterrupted 24 hour power supply but the state would actually start selling power to other states in the next two and a half years.

Addressing a rally that independent observers described “the largest gathering of Punjabis ever in this part of the state,” Mr. Badal declared that the state government’s efforts in this direction have brought the state to take off stage, with power generation to set to double from the present 6900 MWs to nearly 14000 MWs in the next couple of years. Conservative estimates put the figure of the gathering at 2.5 lakh.

Earlier, Mr. Badal laid the foundation stone of state-or-the-art 1320 MW (2 units of 660 MW each) Mega Thermal Plant designed, developed and operated by L&T through its wholly on subsidiary Nabha-power Limited over an area of 1080 acre in village Nalash at a cost of Rs.9000 crore.

Mr. Badal further said that the upcoming thermal plant would boost the prospects of overall development and growth in the region in addition to generate tremendous employment potential and growth of ancillary units.Emphasizing the need to strengthen the power sector, Mr. Badal said that SAD-BJP government was committed to augment the power supply in the state from day one when we assumed the office and this was the top most agenda. He said that the total supply of the power in the state was approximately 6000 MW and the demand was almost 9000 MW thereby a short fall of nearly 33% which was being overcome by initiating four new thermal power plants in the state.

The work on the 540 MW Goindwal Sahib and 1980 MW Talwandi Sabo Thermal Plant, has been in full swing. Machinery worth Rs 1000 crore had ordered for Talwandi Sabo Thermal Plant and the order for the same had already been placed by the GVK group for Goindwal Sahib Plant worth Rs.500 crore. Mr. Badal said that the State government had been vigorously pursuing the case for sanction of coal link with Union Coal Ministry for 2640 MW Giddarbaha Thermal Project and he had also personally taken up this issue with the Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh who had assured of its clearance by March 2010. He said that requisite loan for the 168 MW Shahpur Kandi Project had been sanctioned by the financial institutions and this national project declared by GoI would be executed by the state Irrigation Department and completed within 4-5 years.

The cost of the project was estimated at 2285 crore. The state Government had also embarked upon a massive programme to generate power from non conventional and renewable sources of energy. He pointed out that the total generation in this sector was only 65 MW in 2007 and now 202 MW had been added by installing 29 mini bio-mass power plants which would be further enhanced to 400 MW within next two years. Another 1000 MW power generation would be tapped by establishing gas based power plant at Ropar.On the demand side management initiated by the Punjab State Electricity Board, Mr. Badal said that the state would save 1550 MW power and pointed out that 'power saved was power generated'.

He said that 500 MW would be saved with the installation of CFLs, 700 MW by shifting the energy meters outside the premises of consumers and conversion of Low Voltage Distribution System to High Voltage Distribution System on 11 KV Agriculture Pump Sets (AP feeders) 200 MW and by installing shunt capacitors would saving 150 MW.

Castigating the Congress for non performance in power sector, Mr. Badal said that it had completely ignored this core sector by not even adding a single unit worth lighting a bulb whereas our government had taken concerted efforts to augment the power generation by setting up four thermal plants. He said that Punjab would soon emerge as a front runner state on the map of power generation in the country as it would become a power surplus state in the near future.

He said that the development of power sector needed huge finances and long term planning to augment the power supply in any state as it had a long gestation period, therefore, states had to go for constant monitoring and planning to strengthen this sector which was not seriously pursued by the previous Congress government. He said that all the existing thermal plants in the state as well as the upcoming ones were the outcome of strenuous efforts of the SAD-BJP government.

Speaking on the occasion, the Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal, obviously enthused by an unprecedented and highly responsive crowd, said that state government would pass on the benefits to accrue from the sale of power to the consumers by cutting down on electricity rates. Power would be made available to the people at rates that could be the cheapest in the country, he declared.

The Deputy Chief Minister also announced the government’s decision to enact a law to recover the cost of damaged public property from those who responsible for it in violent protests. He said that anybody vandalizing public property would have to pay for it even that meant auctioning his property.

Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal further said that the infrastructure and power were the core sectors for the development of any state and to achieve this objective SAD-BJP government was committed to prioritize these sectors. He said that the State government has undertaken a major programme to strengthen and revamp road network in Punjab, covering over 13,000 KMs comprising four-laning, six-laning, widening and up-gradation of all key transport arteries in the state.

He said that the Punjab was all set to emerge on the international air map with the setting up of Moahli International Airport and Rs. 17000 crore Greenfield Airport to be setup near Ludhiana. He said that the up-gradation of Amritsar International Airport was being undertaken on war footing and expansion of Sahnewal Domestic Airport was near completion. A domestic Civil Terminal at Bathinda was likely to be commissioned within next three to four months.

Blaming the Centre for spiraling prices of essential commodities, the Deputy Chief Minister said that the SAD-BJP government was sensitized to the plight of poor and thus launched Atta-Dal Scheme to provide Wheat at Rs.4 per kg and Dal at Rs.20 per kg to approximately 13.5 lac families at a cost of Rs. 700 crore per annum. He also criticized the Centre for the withdrawal of the subsidy on fertilizers and hike in the excise duty on Petrol and diesel. He said that the government has also enhanced the amount of Shagun Scheme from Rs.5100 to Rs.15000 given as a financial grant to Scheduled Castes/Christian girls at the time of their marriage, he added.

He also said that the old age pension was also started by the SAD government and many other such welfare schemes would be launched by our government in the coming times. He said that the SAD-BJP government had already launched a campaign to combat the menace of drugs which had ruined our youth. He said that drug traffickers and smugglers would not be spared for indulging in such anti social activities and would have to face the law of the land. He said that our youth was being encouraged to participate in the sports as now the state government had decided to hold a international tournament of Kabaddi from April 4 to 15 in which 8 to 10 countries were expected to participate.

Champions of the tournament would be honoured with a cash prize of Rs. 1 crore, Rs.51 lakh and Rs.25 lakh for 1st, 2nd and 3rd position respectively.

Earlier, Chairman and Managing Director of Larsen & Toubro Mr. AM Naik in his address assured the Chief Minister that the company would strive hard to complete this project much before its schedule of January 2014.

He also said that company would also invest about Rs.4500 crore for setting up an additional unit of 660 MW of Rajpura Thermal Plant. He appreciated the vision of Chief Minister and evinced keen interest of company's participation in future development projects of the state as Punjab was the pride of the nation. In his address Local Government Minister Mr. Manoranjan Kalia said that the congress never bothered for the development of the state and welfare of the people but always pursued its own vested political interests whereas SAD-BJP government was committed to the growth and prosperity of the state.

Prominent amongst others who spoke on the occasion included MLA Rajpura and Chief Parliamentary Secretary Mr. Raj Khurana, District SAD President Patiala Mr. Ajaib Singh Mukhmailpur, Mr. Balwinder Singh Bhunder & Prof.Prem Singh Chandumajra (both SAD General Secretaries), Secretary General SAD Mr. Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa and Administrative Member PSEB Mr. Gurbachan Singh Bachi.

The function was also attended by Mr. Janmeja Singh Sekhon, Mr. Hira Singh Gabaria, Ch. Swarna Ram, Mr. Ajit Singh Kohar (all Cabinet Ministers), senior leaders and party workers of SAD-BJP and members of the SGPC.

The Chief Minister was accompanied by his Media Advisor Mr. Harcharan Bains, Principal Secretary Mr. DS Guru, Special Principal Secretary Mr. KJS Cheema, Additional Principal Secretary Mr. Gaggandip Singh Brar and Chairman PSEB Mr. HS Brar.



Chandigarh March 2:


Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal declared here today that the state government was working on a legislation to provide for the recovery of damage to public property from those who indulge in such vandalism.

"We are almost ready with the draft bill and after taking legal opinion from the AG, we intend to enact it into a law. As per the new law, anyone found damaging public property in acts of vandalism or violent protests under any pretext will have to pay for the losses suffered. An amount equivalent to the loss suffered due to such damage would be recovered from whoever is found to be responsible for it," said Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal, who also holds the charge of the Home Department in the state government.

In a statement here, Mr. Badal said that the country had seen an alarming trend and tendency towards causing damage to public property during mass protests. "Punjab has also seen some instances of this lawlessness over the past ten years or so. There is a strong feeling amongst the law abiding citizens that those who take law in their own hands and damage public property generally get away with it while it is the common man who has to pay for its restoration through taxes. There is an urgent need to rectify this situation by providing effective legal monetary deterrence against such acts," said Mr. Badal.

The Deputy Chief Minster said that the new legislation would be in addition to the existing laws against vandalism and violent protesters. "The normal provisions of law in such matters will continue to remain in force. But once the draft bill becomes an act, the amount equivalent to the extent of damage caused by someone would be recovered from him or her, even if that means auctioning his or her personal property or slapping a legal fine equivalent to the damage inflicted."

Mr. Badal said that as elected representatives of the people, the government has an obligation to protect the property which actually belongs to the people because it is with their money that assets like buses, trains, offices or other infrastructure of public facility are created. "We are the trustees of public property and will bring in an enabling law to put the burden of restoration of damaged assets on those who are responsible for such damage," said the Deputy Chief Minister in his statement.

He said that the government would also provide for fixing responsibility for damage to private property and operationalise some mechanism to help the victims recover it from those guilty.



Rajpura (Patiala), March 02:

As Punjab Chief Minister Mr Parkash Singh Badal accompanied by Larsen and Toubro( L&T) CMD Mr A.M Naik unveiled the plaque at village Nalash, marking the beginning of 3rd Thermal Plant in the three year tenure of SAD-BJP Government , Shiromani Akali Dal President and Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal was the happiest person, seeing his dream getting closer to realization of making Punjab power surplus.

When Mr. Parkash Singh Badal took over the reins of power and Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal took over as visionary president of 90 year old party, the youngest ever and energetic President laid out a prospective plan to strengthen infrastructure in Punjab to lure MNCs to invest in land locked state of Punjab. Strengthening power infrastructure including doubling the power generation capacity using all possible methods was, listed as first priority.

. The onerous task of detailed planning on the board, earmarking land for thermal plants and acquiring them, seeking coal linkage after submitting detailed project reports to Union Coal Ministry, financial bidding and attracting MNCs to invest in these thermal plants and finally securing clearance from number of Union Ministries including Power, Coal, Environment and Labour were the important tasks implemented simultaneously by various task force groups constituted by Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal to fructify these projects in time bound basis as a mission of the party.

The result of this focused approach was that today 1980 MW super thermal plant at Talwandi Sabo and 540 MW thermal plants at Goindwal Sahib are at the advanced stage of completion. The Rajpura thermal plant, though planned with other two thermal plants got delayed due to legal tangles and as world renowned infrastructure company with pending orders of 92000 crores, L&T started work at Nalash, Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal felt a rare satisfaction , seeing his dream actualised.

It was the vision of Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal that SAD BJP Government tapped every possible source to generate power for the power deficient state like Punjab. 29 Mini Bio Mass Power Plants set to generate 700 MW was the brain child of young leader. These plants besides producing power are set to provide value addition to the farmers to the tune of Rs. 10000 per acre per year, giving a value to them for their agro waste. It was his leadership that country saw first 5 MW solar power plant in private sector coming up in the border region of Punjab. It was Sukhbir’s vision that loss making co-operative sugar mills in the State are all set to co generate 200 MW power for the State.

The vision of young leader to generate 1000 MW from renewable resources besides 6500 MW from thermal plants is going to make the lives of Punjabis comfortable for times to come. Eagerly awaiting the clearance of coal linkage for biggest ever 2640 MW thermal plant to be set up at Gidderbaha, Mr. Badal wants to put this project also on fast track to make Punjab major power exporting state of the country.



Sri Anandpur Sahib, February 28 :

Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal President Shiromani Akali Dal and Deputy Chief Minister Punjab today gave a call to Sikh community to fail the “backdoor entry” of Congress party in Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee (SGPC) elections using the facade of dummy Akali Dals.

Addressing the mammoth gathering at Holla Mohalla function , Mr. Badal reminded the Sikhs that it was Congress party that attacked Sri Harmandir Sahib during Operation Blue Star and organized killing of thousands of innocent Sikhs in 1984 Sikh carnage. He said that despite court orders and non -bailable warrants Congress High Command sheltered the prime accused Sajjan Kumar, fearing the exposure of their complicity during custodial interrogation.

Mr. Badal said that despite Sajjan Kumar being Z plus protectee, CBI deliberately did not arrest him on orders from 10 Janpath. He said that Sikhs have no faith in ‘Congress Bureau of Investigation’ that was bidding on the instructions of Congress party. Mr. Badal announced that Shiromani Akali Dal would engage top most lawyers in Supreme Court and would not rest till Sajjan Kumar and Tytler were given exemplary punishment.

Mr. Badal said that Congress since independence had been unsuccessfully trying to divide Sikhs. He said that after miserably failing to enact parallel SGPC in Haryana, Congress was now sponsoring dummy Akali Dals to seek entry in Sikh’s Supreme Parliament SGPC. Mr. Badal said that killers of Sikhs cannot be allowed to enter in this supreme body SGPC and sought people’s support to fail the nefarious designs of Congress to divide Sikhs. He expressed hope that Sikhs were wise enough to reject any proxy party that was propped up by Congress party.

Expressing concern at yesterday’s violence by Dera sympathizers Mr. Badal warned that no one would be allowed to disturb hard earned peace and communal harmony in the state. He said that anyone trying to indulge in acts of lawlessness or violence or trying to foment communal passions, would have to face consequences under the strictest provisions of law.

He warned that “let there be no confusion in anyone’s mind ; no one will be allowed to get away with lawless act.Peace and communal harmony will be maintained at all costs.” He said that 90 rioters have already been rounded up and DGP himself was supervising the law and order arrangements. He said extra forces have rushed to sensitive areas.

Lashing at UPA for its failure to meet the aspirations of people in Punjab in general and farmers in particular in Union Budget, Mr. Badal said that hike of petrol, diesel price by Rs. 3 per litre, raising the price of urea by 10 percent, keeping Punjab out of Rs. 400 crore second Green Revolution plan were the clear attempts by Congress party to crush already indebted peasantry of Punjab. He said that what to call of rewarding Punjab for exceeding food security target, despite drought, farmers have been further pushed into vicious cycle of debt by this budget. He said that SAD would oppose hike of petrol diesel price in Parliament and pressurize UPA to roll back this anti people decision.

Castigating Congress led UPA for unprecedented price rise, the SAD President said that it was Rs. 700 crore Atta Dal scheme that was keeping the hearths of 17 lakh poor families in Punjab warm. Mr. Badal said that in Congress led states like Haryana and Rajasthan, even poor were being forced to by Dal at Rs. 90 per Kg.

Giving the details of development initiatives, Mr. Badal said that his mission was to make Punjab power surplus. He said that it was due to the determined approach of SAD-BJP govt., the work on 540 MW Goindwal Thermal Plant and 1980 MWTalwandi Sabo thermal plant was in full speed whereas on Tuesday work would start on Rs. 1320 MW Rajpura Thermal Plant.

He said that Punjab was awaiting coal linkage for 2640 Megawatt Super thermal Plant at Gidderbaha. Mr. Badal said that Punjab was all set to generate 3840 Megewatt from three thermal plants, 1000 Megawatt from Renewable energy ventures in next two years besides saving 1700 Megawatt power by using CFL, realizing his cherished dream of making Punjab first power surplus state of the country. “Day is not far off when Punjab would be contributing maximum surplus power in national kitty”, Mr. Badal said.

Mr. Badal announced that World Cup Kabbadi tournament would be held in first week of April in which teams of 10 countries would participate and vie for the record prize of Rs. 1 crore, Rs. 51 lakh and Rs. 25 lakh respectively for first, second and third slot. He also said that sports policy focused on nurturing rural talent would be announced within a fortnight.

Mr. Badal congratulated the people of Sri Anandpur Sahib as their Holy City has become first city in Punjab which has total underground sewage system with 100 percent sewage treatment plant. He said that every village of Sri Anandpur Sahib Tehsil would get potable water under World Bank scheme. Later talking to media Mr. Badal said that Youth Akali Dal President Mr. Kiranbir Singh Kang himself had resigned as he had become overage for Youth wing of the Party.

Prominent among those who spoke on the occasion included Mr. Avtar Singh President SGPC, Mr. Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa Secretary General, Mr. Balwinder Singh Bhunder General Secretary, Mr. Daljit Singh Cheema Secretary and Spokesman, Mr. Madal Mohal Mittal former Minister, Sant Ajit Singh MLA, Mr. Ujagar Singh Badali MLA, Prof. Prem Singh Chandumajra General Secretary.

It may be added that Chief Minister Mr. Parkash Singh Badal could not attend the function due to rest advised by the Doctors due to muscular pain.





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