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Punjab News: 2010


Chandigarh March 10:

    Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal today lashed out at Congress led UPA Government at the Center for “continuous neglect, discrimination and injustice against Punjab.”

    Concluding the debate on thanks motion on Governor’s address on behalf of Chief Minister Punjab in Punjab Vidhan Sahba, Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal also called for a setting up of a genuine federal structure in the country, demanding greater political and fiscal autonomy to the States. Concluding the address the Deputy Chief Minister also declared that the Year 2010 would be the year of sweeping governance reforms in all 324 public dealing services of the government, making the life of people easier.

    Coming down  heavily at congress for continuous discrimination of Punjab during in its 47 year rule, Mr. Badal said that it was only Punjab that despite being parent state was denied the right of capital. It was Punjab alone that was denied riparian on its waters. He said that it is Punjab only that despite contributing 75.3% wheat and 50% paddy in central pool is given 1.3% share in the central taxes.  He said that Shiromani Akali Dal would continue to fight for more fiscal autonomy to the States till Punjab’s share in the central taxes is raised to 50% from exiting 1.3%. He lashed at UPA for making Punjab highly taxed island surrounded by tax holiday enjoying hill states to destroy the industrial base in the State. Congress led UPA was also lashed for neglecting Punjab in debt waiver scheme.   

     Taking congress led UPA Government to task for giving free rope to Sajjan Kumar and Tytler, the main architects of 84 anti sikh carnage, Mr. Badal said that CBI for getting its role did not arrested Sajjan Kumar for 15 days, making mockery of law of the land. Criticizing the leader of opposition for proposing forget and forgive policy in 84 riot case, Mr. Badal said that the brutal killings of thousands of innocent Sikhs would never be forgiven by any right thinking citizen of this country till all those responsible for these killing were given exemplary punishment. “ we will neither forget nor let any one forgive till all those responsible for this carnage are put behind the bars and given exemplary punishment”, Mr. Badal declared.

            Reiterating his commitment to maintain peace and law and order in the state at every cost, Mr. Badal equivocally declared, “Punjab Government was fully alive to its responsibility to maintain peace and amity in the state and no one would be allowed to disturb peace in the state”.

       Mr. Badal said that Punjab Government has taken certain historic decisions including introduction of commissionerate system in three major cities, constitution of special security groups on the pattern of NSG, separate cadre for Intelligence wing, 18 SWAT (special weapon and tactics) teams at range levels, Rs. 100 crore for modernization of police force and most importantly launching a war against drug lords in the state. Mr. Badal said that SSG and SWAT were being constituted so that government may not be caught napping as Maharashtra kept on waiting NSG when Mumbai was under attack by terrorists. Mr. Badal said that state was enacting a new act so that those damaging public and private property during protests were made to pay for loss.

     Mr. Badal said that SAD BJP Government was moving with a commitment to strengthen infrastructure including power, road and air connectivity in the State to attract investment in the state. He said that against total installed capacity of 6800 MW achieved in 62 years, during last three years alone three major thermal plants at Talwandi Sabo, Goindwal and Rajpura besides 29 mini bio mass power plants are set to generate 4540 MW power with an combined investment of Rs. 22000 crore.

      He said that Punjab would be only state in the country having distinction of three International Airports out of total 16 in the country besides two upcoming domestic airports at Ludhiana and Bathinda. Speaking about industrial progress Mr. Badal said that besides Bathinda refinery coming up at the cost of Rs. 19000 crores,  65 Mega Projects including two SEZs with combined investment 37000 crore are set to change the face of Punjab’s economy. “ This whole industrial progress has been achieved despite UPA making Punjab highly taxed island surrounded by tax free hill states,” Mr. Badal pointed out.

      Unveiling the achievements of last three years Mr. Badal said that rejuvenation of 125 year old canal system at the cost of Rs. 960 crores, relining the distributaries / minors at the cost of Rs. 1200 crore. Mr. Badal came down heavily on congress led UPA for not compensating Punjab’s farmer who contributed record paddy despite 50% deficient rain in the State. He also criticized UPA for keeping Punjab out of ambit of Rs. 400 crore 2nd green revolution push. He pointed out that when whole of the country was reeling under sky rocketing prices of essential commodities, SAD BJP government was taking care of 14.5 Lac families by supplying them Atta at Rs. 4 per kg and Dal at Rs. 20 per kg.     

     Giving details of record revenue generation during last three years Mr. Badal said that against Rs. 5136 crore generated in last 60 years, Punjab could touch 8000 crore in three years alone and promised to cross Rs. 10000 crores in next two years. He said that in excise collection also against Rs. 118 crore total increase in congress regime, SAD BJP government registered Rs. 1000 crore increase in first three years alone.

      Revealing the steps taken to improve urban infrastructure, Mr. Badal said that government has drawn Rs. 3380 crore plan for urban renewal out of which Rs. 1282 crore had already been spent against total Rs. 760 crore spent by congress in its full tenure. He said that this does not include Rs. 180 crore spent for slum development programs.

   Unfolding the progress made in education sector Mr. Badal said that besides opening of world renowned IIT in Ropar and ISB in Mohali, SAD BJP Government filled 32000 vacant posts of the teachers in the State. 

            Reiterating the commitment of Punjab Government to supply potable water to all 14000 habitations of the State, Mr. Badal said that present government has already covered 4271 habitation in three years against 2000 covered by congress in five years. He said that all difficult areas are set to get RO system in next two years.

            Declaring the year 2010 as year of governance reforms Mr. Badal said that besides doing away with cumbersome affidavits, Punjab would become first state to allow self attestation of documents instead of attestation by  gazetted officers/ notary / executive magistrate/ SDM.

            Mr. Badal said that congress was actually worried about massive scale of development being witnessed by the state during last three years. “ they are worried for the fact that with this pace, SAD BJP alliance would rule for next 20-25 years and by that time most of the opposition MLA’s would have retired from active politics.”

Later the house passed with voice vote the motion of thanks to the governors address that was proposed by Mr. Bikram Singh Majithia, MLA (SAD) and seconded by Mr. Surjit Kumar Jyani (BJP).



Chandigarh March 10:   Prof. Laxmi Kanta Chawla, Health and Family Welfare Minister Punjab advised Mamta Banerjee and Mayawati to quit politics immediately because the historic Women’s Reservation Bill was passed in the Rajya Sabha in spite of their opposition. They have no moral right to contest any election. At least women should be strong enough in showing them the door, urged the Minister. Strongly condemning the role of these two women politicians, the Minister said that they should not be forgiven for harming the interest of the Nation in particular and women in general.

     Terming both these leaders as “Opportunists”, Prof. Chawla said that for having remained in politics for so many years and enjoying full power, they never wanted to share their piece of power with other women. She has urged women of the nation to beware of the nefarious designs of such women who were constantly harming the interests of women for their own vested interests. This shows their mind set towards their own gender.

             While congratulating the members of the Upper House for having passed the historic Women’s Reservation Bill fourteen years after it was envisaged. Although the Central government was under tremendous pressure to give the rightful dues to women which should have been given much early now they have been compelled to give the dues to women  the dues to women seeking the help of the “Reservation Bill”. It was unfortunate and rather shameful that after attaining freedom more than 60 years back, the rights of women and their status remained the same. The Male-dominated society has not given adequate respect, honor and dignity to women. They were being considered as a burden on the family and were also being eliminated right in the womb.

                   Prof. Chawla hoped that it was a step forward to give a better place to women in the society where they have a louder voice in making laws for the nation. This would change the face of our Secular Polity and uphold the highest Parliamentary traditions, she added.





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