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NRI's purse-snatched, police started interrogating them rather than helping them.


NRI's purse-snatched, police started interrogating them rather than helping them.

  • NRI, Mr. Jaswant Brar reports that two scooter-borne youth snatched his wife's purse containing more than Rs 25,000 ...Full Story


NRI Jagrup Brar, MLA's concern to implement the laws for NRI's investment

Vancouver, March, 19, 2007

NRI Jagrup Brar, MLA from Surrey-Panorama Ridge in British Columbia, Canada told our senior representative that he is working with Indian Govt. to impove the system to attract the NRI's investment.

He said, about four months back, I was in India and brought positive views for more investment in India. Since then I was endorsing my views and requesting NRIs for investment in Punjab as well as in other parts of India.

Since last week, it happened to my own family and also considering other NRIs problems, I am approaching responsible authorties in India to take immediate step to improve rules and regulations.

He further said, " We, NRIs have two hearts, one heart is always attached to India and one heart is here for Canada. I always request all NRIs, let we get together, improve ourselves here as well as help our brothers and sisters in India."

Editor in Chief

Of course, this is an emotional rather than a rational argument. This kind of reasoning cannot be accepted forever. Poverty should not be a reason for lawlessness, for anarchy. Citizens, rich or poor, must respect the law.

The law enforcers must implement the laws in order to maintain order in society.

It is no fault of anybody if more poor people are involved in these kind of activities. The criminally inclined will engage in crime, whether they are rich or poor.

What is important is for the enforcers to sincerely and diligently enforce the law whoever gets hurt, without fear or favor. In the maintenance of law and order, the name of the game is law enforcement.