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Mahatma Gandhi is remembered today, not only for the exceptional contributions he made to the Indian freedom struggle, but also for giving the world a new doctrine for dealing with injustice and disharmony. He taught us the philosophy of Ahimsa, which encourages the use of non-violence as a tool for the peaceful resolution of differences.

Walk for peace held on Gandhi's birth anniversary in Houston

Houston, Oct. 14, 2004
Sohan Gill

Scores of Indian-Americans and local residents participated in the walk for peace and candle light vigil carried out to observe birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

The walk for peace, followed by "1000 lights for peace", was attended by hundreds of enthusiasts, including Indian Americans and Houstonians, who assembled at Mahatma Gandhi statue in downtown and walked for three miles to attended the candlelight vigil, a mark of personal pledge for peace.

"The march and candle light vigil attended by so many people still proves that Gandhiji's ideas of truth, peace and nonviolence continue to find an echo all over the world", said Hiren Pandey, an Indian-American.

The weekend ceremony was part of the celebration of Mahatma Gandhi Week at the Miller Outdoor Theater on 5th October.

The annual event organised by Mahatma Gandhi Library (MGL) was supported by several other mainstream organisations.

On 1st October, the local PBS channel showed a documentary on how the idea that Gandhi pioneered has been used on every continent in the 20th century to fight oppression and injustice.

KPFT radio (FM 90.1) invited MGL representatives for its discussion programs on Gandhi.

Though, the chief guest Lee P Brown, former Houston mayor, and astronaut Sunita Williams, who was scheduled to make keynote address, were unable to come.

The void was filled with the last-minute acceptance by Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.

The Gandhi Week celebration was a month-long series of events involving school children that included poster, essay and speech contests.

It was kicked off with a Gandhi Darshan (exhibition) at the Harris County's Freeman Branch public library in Clear Lake.

Source- National Informatics Centre (NIC), DIT, MoCIT, Government of India





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  • Buoyed by his success, Mahatma Gandhi continued to use Satyagraha and Non Violent Protest in other campaigns for Indian Independence such as the Non Cooperation Movement, Civil Disobedience Movement, Dandi March and Quit India Movement. Through Gandhiji's efforts, India finally gained her freedom on the 15th of August, 1947.