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Queen Elizabeth II celebrates official birthday- 18 NRIs honours list



Queen Elizabeth II celebrates official birthday- 18 NRIs honours list

London, June 14, 2008
Cap. Mahesh Inder Singh

The Queen Elizabeth II, 82 celebrated her official birthday Saturday with all the pomp and pageantry her position commands. More than 1,100 soldiers took part in the display of military pomp.

NRI entrepreneur Raj Loomba founder and Chairman of fashion group was chosen for the Queen's Birthday Honours this year along with other 17 NRIs. The Loomba Trust & Foundation are working to have the United Nations recognize International Widows Day to draw global attention to the plight of an estimated 100 million destitute widows and their children around the world. International Widows Day was launched in the United Kingdom at the House of the Lords ...Read More

The Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, arrived by carriage from Buckingham Palace, followed by Prince Charles and the Princess Royal, Princess Anne, on horseback. Her grandsons Princes William and Harry arrived in a second carriage with their stepmother, the Duchess of Cornwall. Prince William and Prince Harry, who have been active in the military were dressed in their military uniforms to watch the prade.

Thousands well-wishers wore formal clothes while some of the women donned floral summer gowns and fancy hats. They descended in the early hours to greet the royal couple, some prepared for a long day with foldaway chairs and food provisions. The Queen has met thousands of well-wishers on her 82nd birthday

Heads upturned, the royal family watch a spectacular display from the RAF
Photo: © Getty Images

According to the press, 55 air force planes that represented a mix of vintage and modern day fighters flying in a low formation over the streets of London .The Queen and the rest of the Royal Family watched the flyover from the balcony at Buckingham Palace that has long been a focal point of national celebrations and took the royal salute.



The ceremony has been held to celebrate the monarch's birthday since the early 19th century.



Queen Elizabeth II is one of the most popular British monarchs and deservedly so. Queen Elizabeth II has steadfastly gone about her business since before her coronation day in June of 1953. The public adore her so, they would not like to see her go. She is a pillar or society and a rock in terms of keeping her family pointed in the right direction.

Perhaps more importantly, the Queen plays an important role as the head of state and as an ambassador for the United Kingdom and colonies. Who wouldn't want such representation and balanced opinion in their public relations. But the Queen is ore than that, she is the genuine article. A good wife, mother and a stupendous grandmother to boot.