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Raj Kundra, entrepreneur & film producer


Shilpa has finally admitted her relationship with London-born NRI millionaire Raj Kundra

London, Dec.31, 2007
Col Baldev Brar

Shilpa Shetty’s publicist said, "It's too early to speculate marriage. All I can say is that Shilpa is dating Raj. She's just started to know him better. So let's give her some time and not jump to conclusions. But I wonder if their coochie-cooing would just turn out to be the biggest love story of 2008".

Shilpa has admitted that she is dating the UK-based NRI entrepreneur Raj Kundra. She said, "I'm not denying it's him (Raj) but I hope when this comes out, it doesn't frighten him off," is all she reveals for now.

Six months ago, Shilpa and Raj had denied their relationship but things between them have changed since then. The relationship has blossomed and matured with time. They were friends before and now they make a lovely couple.

She has decided to bring in the New Year abroad with her family in Las Vegas

NRI entrepreneur, film producer's wife accused Shilpa of wrecking her marriage

London, July 23, 2007
Col Baldev Brar

In UK, two news papers, the News of the World and the Mail on Sunday , carrying remarkably allegations about how the winner of Celebrity Big Brother has been instrumental in ending the marriage of Raj Kundra, a 31-year NRI entrepreneur.

On Sunday, there were top headline news in the India media:

  • Shilpa Shetty has been having an affair with a married man
  • Kundra has made an accusation that Shilpa was the reason my marriage broke up
  • Kavita Kundra claimed the 32-year-old Bollywood diva is now "an item with her film producer husband Raj".
  • Shilpa and Raj are getting married soon

Kavita recalled:

Kavita’s revelations come after a week of gossip fuelled by snaps of Shilpa and Raj—who helped launch her S2 perfume—shopping together. He also escorted her to a recent ‘Bollywood Oscars’ bash in Yorkshire. Every time I try to find out the depth of their relationship he avoids the question. Or he laughs.

Raj and I talked about Shilpa when she was on Big Brother. He’d say that her new high profile made her the hot new actress to have in any movie. But he never mentioned he knew her.

"Our marriage was in a rough patch but I was certain we could make it work for the sake of our new baby daughter. But then along came Shilpa. Suddenly Raj changed and now he wants a divorce," Kavita told the tabloid.

Then on one weekend visit to see Deleena, it came out of the blue. We were having a Sunday roast pub lunch and he announced, ‘Guess what? Shilpa and her mother have been asking personal questions about me—liking me for a potential husband.’ He said it in such a proud, bragging way that I was stunned. I asked if he’d met her and he said yes. I asked him if he liked her and he said, ‘She’s pretty. She’s nice. Yes, I know her.’

Raj Kundra: U.K.-based entrepreneur and film producer

  • Raj Kundra told to the media, We are just good friends. My wife has always tried to link me to any woman I have been associated with professionally. She is very insecure. I am divorcing her on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour – that she never supported my interests or wanted to go out with me. He confirmed that he had ended the marriage by text message and sent her clothes to her in black bin-liners."
  • My marriage ended 12 months ago and it was nothing to do with Shilpa.
  • I have a business relationship with Shilpa regarding her perfume.

Raj Kundra gave a statement:

  • “I would like to make a statement following the recent barrage of misinformation provided to the press from my ex-wife, Kavita Kundra. My wife and I separated nine months ago and filed for divorce four months ago; we had agreed a mutual divorce. The reasons for the divorce are too personal for me to discuss and it would bring down my ex-wife and I do not wish to stoop down to her level as it’s very degrading. At this time I had no association with Shilpa Shetty whatsoever.
  • I was introduced to Shilpa three months ago by her manager Mr Farhath Hussain with a proposal to launch a perfume with her. This began my professional association with her. My wife has made an accusation that Shilpa was the reason my marriage broke up which is untrue as I had no association with Shilpa at the time of our separation. My association with Shilpa is purely professional and over the past few months we have become good friends.
  • I had bought my ex her house in January and that’s where I used to go and meet my daughter. I had fought custody rights over my child through Walsall County Court where I had wanted custody of my daughter on weekends allowing her to reside with her mother on weekdays. But Kavita did not want me to have any access to my child and fought the battle in court against me and the courts gave consent orders to Kavita on 2 May 2007.
  • Kavita also alleges that she lived a conservative family lifestyle with my parents and that she had to stay at home all the time. The amount of international travel she did in the three years we were married can be verified by looking at her passport which will refute her claims.
  • Kavita’s statements have been hurtful to me and had a damaging effect on my association with Shilpa. I regret that my personal situation has led my ex-wife to attempt to damage the reputation of a highly acclaimed celebrity. I would simply like to take this opportunity to apologise to Shilpa Shetty and her family for my ex-wife’s shocking allegations and request the media to not give such claims so much attention without verifying the facts.”

Dale Bhagwagar, spokesperson of Shilpa Shetty said:

  • Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty are just friends
  • All these rumours of Shilpa and Raj getting married are baseless. Raj is the licensor of the perfume Shilpa launched recently, so obviously they were seen together at public places


  • The winner of "Celebrity Big Brother" show
  • Recent recipient of a honorary doctorate from Leeds University.

Mrs Kavita Kundra broke the bombshell news of her husband"s secret relationship with Shilpa, 32, in February after she found fame in the BB house as the victim of bullying and race taunts.

Raj Kundra apologises to Shilpa Shetty. Kavita’s statements have been hurtful to me and had a damaging effect on my association with Shilpa

  • UK-based NRI entrepreneur
    was in the diamond and jewellery business and then was associated with UK Tradecorp, exporting electrical goods. He is reportedly into film financing - but Mere Jeevan Saathi (Akshay Kumar-Karisma Kapoor) was much delayed and sank at the box-office
  • The film It Could Be You, with Naseeruddin Shah and Kirron Kher, has the name of Kundra's wife Kavita as producer.