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Indo American Cancer Organization


NRI Madhu Yakshi, MP, honoured chief guest at Indo-American Cancer Organization
IACA raised $100,000 for treatment of poor patients suffering from cancer

New York, Nov. 05, 2007
Rani Malhotra

On Saturday, at Long Island in New York, Indo American Cancer Organization raised $100,000 for treatment of poor patients suffering from cancer in India. The president of Indo-American Cancer Organization, Mr. Tulasi Polavarapu has raised more than two million dollars in last ten years. From this raised money, $ 1.5 million has been used for purchase medical equipments from the US.

Madhu Goud Yaskhi, NRI MP in the New Delhi Parliament was honoured as chief guest at this function, requested the Indian corporate leadership to follow the path shown by the Indian Americans in generosity and giving money for social welfare measures.We do not see such type of donations coming from Indian corporate leadership. We should also take a cue from the likes of Bill Gates and other multinational companies who are making millions of donations for social welfare measures in India.

Indo American Cancer Organization runs the Hyderabad-based 300-bed Indo-American Cancer Institute and Research Centre in association with the Smt. Nandumri Basava Taraka Rama Rao Memorial for the help of poor people. The hospital is in the process to expand from present 300 beds to 500-beds in next two years. The corpus fund will be generated with this raised fund and earned interest of each month will be used for the treatment of poor patients suffering from cancer.

The Indo-American Cancer Association (IACA) is an organization of cancer specialists of Indian subcontinent heritage with a mission to advance cancer care. During 70s and 80s, a large number of Indo- American physicians entered the field of Oncology. It led to a desire to organize this group into a cohesive body. The Indo American Cancer Congress (IACC) was born in 1993 under the auspices of Dr Chiti Moorthy in New York City.The name of the organization is changed to Indo American Cancer Association in 2005.

In 2003, IACA under the leadership of Dr. M.V. Pillai helped to organize an NCCN meeting in Jaipur India. More than 50 cancer specialists and most of the leaders in the cancer care in India attended the 3 days meeting. Dr. Desai lead the Indian team. Honorable President of India attended the closing ceremony of the function. Dr Purvish Parikh agreed to represent the oncologists from the Indian subcontinent and to help recruit members from the region. \

FELLOWSHIP AND GRANTS: The objective of this program is to enhance the Education and training of the Oncology healthcare professionals working in India. This will be accomplished by bringing the eligible candidates(physicians and Oncology nurses) to the US for a short term (4-8 week long) training in various Cancer Centers in the USA. The IACA will fund 4-6 such fellowships each year starting in early 2007.



NRI Madhu Yakshi, MP, was honoured as chief guest at this function