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Gurinder Singh Khalsa (Sandhu), Master degree from Punjab University and Business Diploma from UC Berkeley

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  • Please think about those freedom fighters who sacrifices their lives for the freedom of this great nation, India
  • Please  rise above religion, caste , language and race and  come forward for this Revolution against

Corruption, Criminalization of Indian Politics and Crony Capitalism in India                                                                                                                                             ……..Gurinder Singh


  • Gurinder Singh is  an  entrepreneur, community leader, public speaker and writer. He has written 17 parers, four of them have been published in the US Geographic General. He has attend and organized many national and international conferences in the past 20 years in USA.
  • He was born to a normal farming family in the  village  of Adhoyee in Ambala District of Haryana.
  • After Master degree from Punjab University, he moved to USA in 1996 where he completed his Certificate in Business from UC Berkeley.
  • In 2007 he took the Airport Turban issue to all the way to US congress and worked hard to get the TSA policy changed for the dignity of the most important article of faith
  • He is working hard for spreading core three tenets of Sikhism: Truthful Living, Service to Humanity and Devotion to Omnipresent Almighty God.

  • Currently  he is the president of Sikh Society of Indiana and worked hard for the Inaugural Indy Sikh Day Parade Celebration. He is blessed by one 11 years old  son and one 13 years old daughter.




Gurinder Singh Sandhu

Gurinder Singh, khalsa,Sandhu

  • Sikhs are taught to defend the defenseless and have historically led responses to political oppression.
  • Guru Tegh Bahadur, observed Mughal state authorities forcefully converting its Hindu constituents. Although this oppression targeted a religious community to which he did not belong and whose beliefs he did not share, Guru Tegh Bahadur stood up firmly for their right to practice religion freely — and the state responded by publicly executing Guru Tegh Bahadur.