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MAHATMA GANDHIJI's birthday, celebrate in La Palma city on Oct. 02, 2009 Press Release


International AHIMSA- NONVIOLENCE- DAY celebrated in La Palma City

Los Angeles, Oct. 05, 2009
Prof. Keshav Patel

The Birthday of MAHATMA GANDHIJI was celebrated on October 2, 2009, Friday at Community Hall of La Palma city, California. The International AHIMSA- NON VIOLENCE- DAY was also declared by UNO.

The event was organized by Prof. Keshav Patel for southern California Iandian American Community the united group of non profit Indian organizations, UFICA,Amrit Bhandari of FFICS & Lions Club, Dilip Bautani, & Prakash Pancholi of FIA SC, Ravjibhai Patel of FIA LA, Uka Solanki Trustee of IASH & businessman, Tony Parmar of IASHA, Ramji Patel –PSP of America, Ramesh Raval -Giyatri Parivar. These nonprofit organizations worked together and supported each other as a support to the root cause of main principles of nonviolence and peaceful movement Mahatma Gandhi had adopted in his action for achieving independence of India.

The guests and dignitaries present for event were Mr. Mark Waldman, the Mayor of La Palma city, Dr. Prakash Narian, Mayor pro team of Cypress city, La Palma city councilmen Mr. Larry Herman and Mr. Ralph, Representative of the chief of police, Veterns of WWII,(American Navy).Over and above Indian & Americans, several persons origin of Pakistan, China, Korea, and Hawaii attended the function which shows love for Gandhiji and affinity for Ahimsa- Non-Violence.
Mr.Dilip Butani and Amrit Bhandari worked hard With Prof. Patel in organizing event.
Mr. Uka Solanki presided over the function.

The event started in joyous environment with national song ”Vande Mataram…” and Gandhiji’s favorable prayer “Vaishnav Jan to Tene Kahie…”sung by shri Arvind Joshi, followed a welcome speech by Prof. Keshav Patel. After welcoming every guest and all communities present to support the event, he said that we are proud of that UNO has taken right decision in declaring October 2nd, Mahatma Gandhiji’s birthday as the AHIMSA-NON VIOLENCE- DAY as first step towards “ WORLD PEACE’. It is right assessment of AHIMSA –Nonviolence. There will be no War in future if political leaders of different countries accept his principles.

Mr. Mayor La Palma city praised Mahatma Gandhiji’s simplicity, high thinking power, principles of non-violence and peace.He added if he were alive he would have given the solution of terrorism the world is suffering from.

Dr. Prakash Narian, Mayor pro team of Cypress city narrated Gandhiji’s experiences in South Africa where he learnt lessons of Satyagrah. He also explained the meaning of Satyagrah-the peaceful way of hesitation against injustice he suffered in South Africa.

Councilman Mr. Herman praised Mahatma Gandhiji as a Great leader not only of India but also of the World. Dr.Martin Luther King jr., Mr. Nelson Mandela of South Africa learnt from Mahatma and believed him as their GURU-Teacher.

Councilman Mr. Ralph praised Mahatma for his principles of non-violence and peace. He
was such a smart leader that he could keep different communities together even during tough time for independence of India,

Mr. Ravajibhai‘s father worked with Gandhiji and had been to jail several time during satyagrah movement in India.Mr. Ravji Patel, Amrit Bhandari, Mr. Dilip Butani and Mr. Prakash Pancholi and Rashmi Shah of Gandhi-katha talked about Mahatma Gandhiji’s simplicity, honesty, truth values of life, ahimsa-non violence and hard work without rest for independence of India. Now it is our time to work for the India and America.
To our Surprise two elementary grade students (1) Mr. Shubh Anand Raval of 3rd grade and (2) Miss Mili Gautam Nadasia of 4th grade got inspiration to talk about Gandhiji. Mili said that” Mahatma Gandhi is the Father of INDIA because of his kindness, love & work for freedom of India. He taught Indians a lifetime lesson of non-violence. Thus they expressed their views very smartly. Audience praised the young speakers.

The Senator Ed. Royce congratulated Prof. Patel by telephone on Thursday for organizing the event and wished organizers a success. He personally met Mr. Patel on Saturday and greeted him for taking a lead to organize Ahimsa Non-Violence Day.

Mr. Arvind Joshi sang National song ‘Vande Mataram….”and Gandhiji’s favorable prayer “ Vaishnav Jan To ten kahie…”It was explained in English version by Prakash Pancholi. Mr. Nauzad Sadary, Smt. Sheela Bhandari, Smt. Veena Singh, Subhashbhai and Dr.Dhamecha, professional singers sang several bhajans and national songs in the beginning and after speeches of guests, made audience very happy with their melodious voices.
The event ended with Indian National Anthem “Jan Man Gan…” and slogan JAY HIND.



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