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  • Oct. 02, 2011, marked the 142nd anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth.


NRIs celebrate Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday anniversary

Los Angeles, Oct. 02, 2011
K.Patel/ Gary Singh

The celebration of Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday anniversary as the INTERNATIONAL NON- VIOLENCE DAY on October 2, 2011 is quite different in Los Angeles from the other cities /countries of the world because of Guajarati community’s concentration in LA area. NRI Guajarati community successfully celebrates and honors many religious and special events that take place throughout the calendar year, which in turn attracts many visitors to this festive city.
This year, Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday was celebrated from 3 pm to 6 pm at Sanatan Dharm Mandir, 15311 Pioneer, Nowalk, ( Los Angeles) CA. 

The event started with " Vande Mataram/US Anthem, sung by kumari Sandhy, Priya, Zeal,Khushabu, & Mili Nadasia and supported by Dr. Gadsali and Prof Keshav  Patel.

The event  also included and honored:

  • Freedom fighters of India living in CA
  • Dandi March ii - Mr. Jawahar kalangare, Varma Dantuluri, Shree Pal Reddy and Prof. Keshav Patel
  • Mr. Steve Hwangbo, Council Member of La Palma city, Mr. B. U. Patel, Mr. Ukabhai Solanki , Dr. (Prof) Arnold,  Freedom fighters Dr. Purushottamdas Patel and sri Gunawantrai Nayak

  • Dr.(Prof.) Purushottamdas Patel who worked as Pro Vice Chancellor of Gujarat Vidyapeeth -the first National University established by Mahtma Gandhi in 1922 to provide Indian National education against British educational system was honored by Mr. Steeve Hwagbo, representative of Mayor of La Palma City. and
  • Shri Gunawantrai Nayak , teacher & social worker was honored by Prof. Arnold.
    • Both freedom fighters were honored with woolen shawl & flowers.
  • Sri Ranchhoddas Patel known as Bapu who worked as Sarvoday &- Social worker, wearing Khadi spun by him even today at age of 92, couldn't attend. We wished freedom fighters long, healthy life full of pleasure of life.
  • Sri Uakabhai  Solanki honored four Dandi Marchers with flowers and congratulated for their hard work they did for Dandi  March ii and completed even in heavy rains. He said no work is hard if your determination power is strong.

  • Prof. Keshav Patel in his Welcome speech, said: On behalf of Indian American Community of Southern California I welcome all of you for taking special time to attend this event. I especially welcome students who are present here and have taken part in singing national anthems.
    • In 2008, UNO has marked October 2nd, Mahatma Gandhi’s   birthday as the International Non- Violence day in honor of Mahatma Gandhi our Indian leader who happens to be a man of millennium.
    • M. Gandhi has shown the path leading to World peace by avoiding wars and conflicts between the countries. Young generation by attending such   functions can learn that if he/she can do a great work for nation or community it becomes an example for next generation enjoying the fruits of it. Let us be united and work together for betterment of mankind, India and America.”
    • Prof. Purushottamdas Patel speaking about mahatma Gandhi and education said: In order to give National Education (rashtriya kelavani) to young generation against British education system,  Gandhiji established Gujarat Vidypeeth-University in 1922. devoted highly qualified  persons like Maganbhai Desai, worked for Gujarat Vidyapeeth and gave the education  that helped for National movement for independence of India.
  • Gunwantrai Nayak said “I was fortunate to work with Gandhiji and for Quit India movement.”
  • Prof. Arnold, professor of Indian history in Cal State University of Long Beach said:
    •  I’m very much impressed with philosophy and act of Mahatma Gandhi. Many of the world leaders like martin Luther king Jr. & President Obama of America and Nelson Mandel of South Africa have been inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy.  Whole world is so much impressed by work of Mahatma Gandhi that UNO has to recognize his birthday as the International Non Violence Day as we are celebrating today. I congratulate organizers for bringing India’s name up.
  • Mr. Steeve Hwangbo , the councilman of La Palma city, representing Mayor and city of La Palma
    • Narrated the story of Korea when it was under Japan and their movement for independence. Mr. Cho Nansik learnt about Gandhi when he was studying in Japan University, then he worked like Gandhi to achieve independence of Korea from Japan. Hence he was named as the  Korean Gandhi. He also added that he likes Gandhi so much that he avoided his other works to attend Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday celebration today.
    • I congratulate Prof Keshav Patel  for celebrating Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday in La Palma city first time in 2009.
  • Mr. Jawahar kalangre, who organized  Dandi March ii  team of 10 walkers for 240 miles from San Diego to San Francisco in March 2011 to support  the movement of corruption in India, said:
    • Dandi March led by Mahatma Gandhi in March 1930 to break salt law of British Government was first one that gave momentum to India’s Independence movement. He explained the aim, work and support he got and its results.
    • Thanked the other two Dandi Marchers- Mr. Varma Dantuluri and Sripal  Reddy. Also  explained the support they got for rally,  arranged with help of Prof. Keshav patel in August, 2011 for activities they did in Los Angeles in support of corruption in India.
  • Mr. Ashok Patnaik, Engineer by profession, social worker and   Commissioner of Cerritos city worked as the Master of ceremony for this event. He  also expressed his views about M. Gandhiji and described- how many political leaders of different countries have been inspired by M. Gandhi’s work and principles.
  • Mr. Maneck Bhujwala, the Parasi Bavaji  said:  
    • Praised   Gandhi’s views to keep different Indian communities together for independence movement and acting accordingly. Gandhiji had taken good guidance from Dada Navrojaji and Firozsha Mehta , Parasi leaders in Bombay. Gandhiji knew how to keep different communities and leaders together and said: this is the key of success of any movement.

  •  M/s Kamini Khare, a realty broker and social worker has explained how Gandhiji’s  philosophy  work in solving modern problems of the world

  •  Prof. Kiran Rami showing her happiness in attending the event today:
    •  narrated the movement of Dandi March of 1930 M. Gandhi …. Helped his movement for independence of India…and independence was achieved in 1947.

  • Mr. Dilip Butani, president of Sindhi Samaj and Social worker has described the life of sri Lal Bahadur Shastri, the former Prime Minister of India whose birthday is also October 2nd. Mr. Lal  Bahadur  lived simple life but led India very strongly, won the war against Pakistan in 1965.  This is the reason; we are also celebrating shastriji’s birthday today with Mahatma Gandhi ji.

  • Mr. Kantibhai Kamdar explained the root of JAY HIND given by Subhashchandra Bose.

  • Mr.Harshad Mody emphasized about having Mahatma Gandhi’s statue at Cerritos library for his memory and inspiration for young generation.

  • Several other speakers also expressed their views about Mahatma Gandhiji and his work.

  • Mr. Kewal Kanda, an Engineer by profession and social worker had expressed his views and performed vote of thanks for everyone who helped the event.
Sheela.rajdev.JPG2nd Generation NRI Student, Sheela Rajdev from Michigan, daughter of doctor parents, in private interview said, “ It was very inspiring to see our community reviving the spirit and work of Mahatma Gandhi.  What he stood for is everlasting.   Myself and a few Isha Foundation volunteers came because we wanted to recognize International Non-Violence Day as that is the work we are also aspiring towards.  We feel that eradication of violence and corruption can only start with individual transformation.   My personal journey towards transformation started 10 years ago with Isha Yoga when I met Sadhguru.   Since then I have been volunteering full-time with the foundation.  Volunteering is just a small way that I can give back to the community.”